UnPaper Towels on a Roll - Surprise Mix

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These paper towels are pre-rolled on a sturdy kraft tube that fits standard paper towel holders. Perfect for holiday gift giving!

Reusable and zero waste paper/not paper towels are 100% cotton flannel.

The perfect replacement for your old kitchen paper towels.

Great for cleaning, drying hands and faces, soaking up spilled drinks. Anything your old paper towels would do!

NO cats or dogs in the mix? Only Fruit? Only Food, but hate sushi? Only Neutrals? Just let me know in a message at check out, I will make sure they are not in the mix.

Depending on availability, the prints will vary but will always be a fun, surprise mix!

11x12 inches

Machine wash and dry with like colors.

There will be a little shrinkage when you wash, but the more you wash, the more absorbent your paper/not-paper towels will be!

Hand Made in Appleton, WI USA